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Chakra Bliss Center: Modern Energy Medicine and Shamanism

Spring, TX
1,359 Lightworkers and Shamans

You might not realize it, but just about everyone is a natural-born healer! In fact, you probably already have some of the paranormal abilities related to this gift. For examp…

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Sept. 9th Group Healing Circle. SOLD OUT RSVP Closed

Monday, Sep 9, 2019, 6:00 PM
7 Attending

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Ongoing Events : Small Group Healing Circle

This healing circle will start with an introduction and some breath work.
This will then be followed by participants laying down on yoga mats to be guided into a state of self rejuvenation and relaxation. We will be working with various brain waves to access Energy frequencies for the body.
Then working with an energy matrix grid, Madhavi will hold the space and work with individuals throughout the process, as the group taps into codes and frequencies of restoration.


The Mindful Child Event:  Sunday, April 28, 2019

(Please email to RSVP or you can RSVP thru meet up)

Thank you for your interest in signing up to The Mindful Child Event.

In today’s stressful world, you are introducing your child to

tools and techniques to promote self love and self care.

What you need to know…

Event Sign-In: 1:45 PM to 2:00 PM

Event Time: 2:00 PM till 3:30 PM

Pick up time: 3:30 to 3:45 PM
* Please remember to bring their Yoga Mat and socks in case your child’s feet tend to get cold


$15/child can be made by cash or check to

Center Bliss Center LLC. Payment can be made the day

of the event during sign in.

Location: Chakra Bliss Center

Prosperity Consciousness Workshop: Feb. 20th & 21st ( Full)
Come join us for a special workshop as we work through the consciousness of prosperity. Since prosperity energies are multifaceted, we will explore uncovering our beliefs systems and working through various parts of our energetic anatomy to assist in moving towards anchoring that consciousness into our reality. There will be some breath work, specific energy exercises, exploration journaling, and guided healing meditations as we work with the mind-body-spirit connections to explore prosperity wellness.
$15/person pay@event
RSVP on meetup.
Two workshops scheduled:
Wednesday, February 20th 10-11:45AM
Thursday, February 21st 6:30-8:15PMLocation:
Chakra Bliss Center LLC
10210 Grogans Mill Road,
Suite # 120
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Introduce your 3 to 7-year-olds to
breath work,
yoga postures, and 
meditations in a relaxed and fun environment.
In today’s stressful world,
teach your child to tools and techniques
to promote self-love and self care.

     Date: February 9 Saturday
     Time: 1030 to 11:45 AM
     Location:  Chakra Bliss Center
     Hosted by: Madhavi Chalasani and Karen Arguelles

Sacral Chakra Interactive Workshop

Chakra Bliss Center will be hosting this very special event where we 
will explore the energetic patterns of the Orange Lotus.
Please join us for this one and half hour workshop.
We will be working directly with several energy techniques 
as we explore the mysteries and sacredness of the Svadhisthana.

             Date: December 17th 2018

             Check-in:  9:30 AM

             Event Times: 10am-11:30am
             Fee: $15 (cash or checks please)

             Items to Bring: Journal, pen, Water Bottle

*** please wear socks or shoes that are very easily removable. 
We will be walking back-and-forth between the conference room and my office for various parts of the event.
Please contact me for any additional questions.


Learning Event with Guest Speaker Pat Fleury. Jan. 24, 2018

This will be a “Hands on Class of Skills,” to promote energetic healing.
Come join us for this amazing 2 hour interactive class where all skill levels are welcomed.
Please bring a water bottle and your journal & pen.

Time: 10am-12:00pm (Registration and check-in at 9:30am)

Location: Chakra Bliss Center Office

(enter by the outside door at the base of the outside stairway)

Fee: $20 by cash or check please


Fall 2018 Meditations and Workshops in Progress till Dec. 12th

Spring 2018 Meditations and Workshops completed

Fall 2017 Meditations starting Aug. 30th

Spring 2017 Meditations in Progress:

Fall 2016 Meditations in Progress.

JAN. Meditations Starting up for 2016.

Jan. 30th 2016: Chakras 101 Workshop

OCT. 21st 2015       11am-1pm Past Life Regression Hypnosis Workshop (Sold Out)

FEE: $25.00 per person

LIMITED to15 people : to ensure each person is supported during the process

🌷Please Note Your spot will only be reserved after  paypal payment is made. You will receive an email confirmation. Thank You.🌷

Madhavi Chalasani of Chakra Bliss Center Is excited to sponsor an exciting event.     Please come join us as we explore your past lives. The subconscious mind is the doorway to the superconsciousness, the timeless self, and connection to spirit. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that greatly enhances the ability to make this connection. With gentle loving guidance, you will be lead through the doorway and into the space of spirit where you will journey into the timeless and connect with other lifestreams, discover patterns held over lifetimes, and gain the clarity and insight to clear them now.

Open up your inner senses, ignite your intuition, and expand your energy. Meet your spirit guides, interact with them and receive valuable input to help you move forward in your current life with a renewed sense of purpose, peace, joy and vitality.
Things to Bring:

*a sweater or blanket, and a pillow. No shoes allowed, but socks may be worn inside.

*water, a pen, and journal

*yoga mat or you can use one available at the studio

*your open heart & mind and a specific intention for what you’d like to experience
Some suggested intentions for past life regression include:

Patterned Beliefs and Behaviors

Unexplained Fears/Phobias or Pain

Understanding Present Day Relationships

Exploring Present Day Health Issues

Other Lives With Your Most Influential Spiritual Teacher

Exploring the Source of Special Talents and Abilities


Madhavi Chalasani of Chakra Bliss Center :free
meet & greet event for September 2, 2015.

There will be two gathering on that day:
Daytime open house between 11 AM -1 PM.
evening Open house from 6 PM – 8 PM.
Location: Perserve Office Park

More information can be found at both
Please come by and join them for an informal gathering to learn about the work and the various services offer.

There will be light refreshments provided. A raffle will be held for a free Craniosacral Therapy and a free Energy Healing Session.

Whether you come alone or bring a friend, We hope to see you there.
Madhavi Kata Chalasani, of Chakra Bliss Center, is an Alternative Medicine Practitioner here in The Woodlands Area. Fortunate to be guided by many international teachers, she has been taught how to incorporate ancient healing knowledge with modern healing techniques in energy medicine. She has continued her training to include LifeForce Coaching, Advance Pranic Healings, Energetic Psychotherapy, and Certified Shamanic studies. She also conducts a local meditation group and numerous workshops in the area on working with the mind-body-spirit connections.

Intro. to Just Be Alive: Indepth understanding of our energy system (daytime) workshop  ***LOCATION UPDATED***

Our Energy field, chakras, breath movements….. these are things many of us have heard about or we may already have a certain level of understanding.

As our consciouness evolves and expands, we are able to go into a deeper level of understanding with the knowlege. For example, Like many mystery schools and programs, were you taught that there are only 7 chakras in the body? Come join us as we learn a more accurate representation of our energy systems and their role in achieving a sense of well-being.

This is an evening introduction to a program called JUST BE Alive. The actual workshops will be held May 21st and June 6th. You do not need to attend the introduction to come to the main workshops, although it is recommended, as there will be more time here to present basic important concepts.

Presented by an Integrative Physcician.

Shift Your Thinking Without Thinking

 You know that it is important to think positive, but sometimes you cannot shift your thinking. Your mind focuses on the negative, impacting your mood, actions and your ability to manifest. In this interactive workshop, learn how to shift your thinking instantly by using your energetic field to access higher realms of consciousness.

$85.00/ $69.00  REGISTER HERE

Love Yourself Into Love  

When you are in love everything is better, sharper, more juicy. And how much you love yourself equates to health, prosperity and well being. In this interactive workshop receive direct activations and practice 5 energetic techniques to bring yourself into greater love with you. Witness your outlook, mood and circumstances improve by accessing the universal energy and fabric of the universe: love.

$85.00   /$69.00REGISTER HERE

Embody Your Soul  (2 Seats Left)

Have you ever noticed that the truly inspired seem more “full” and at the same time are more spacious? These powerful individuals are embodied. Because more of them is present they have more resources and power to create. Your sense of not being complete may be accurate- you may not be fully here. In this interactive workshop gain practical skills to call and encourage yourself to embodiment, reaping the fantastic rewards of being here now.  For more information, click here.

$205 /$185 For Sat. Workshop Only: REGISTER HERE

$330  For Sat. and Sun. Combo Workshop: COMBO REGISTER HERE

Align with the Divine (Sold out)

 Bring yourself into harmony with the entirety of your being. In this highly interactive workshop receive direct activations and learn energetic practices that can assist you to move into greater connectivity with the totality of life. Experience the profound benefits of moving out of fear and into greater sense of the Highest Self. In alignment what is yours to do is made clear, you have an awareness of your place in the Universe and as a result reap the benefits of harmonious, balanced, egoless action.

$205 / $185 For Sun. Workshop Only REGISTER HERE

$330 For Sat. and Sun. Combo Workshop: COMBO REGISTER HERE

Shift Your Thinking Without Thinking  (Sold Out)
Feb 26 11am-2pm

Simple energetic methods to shift your thinking in a moment

We all know the importance of positive thinking, but sometimes it is easier said than done. In fact, it often seems like shifting your thinking is almost impossible. How many times have you found your mind focusing on the negative? Well, that happens to all of us, but unfortunately, it can easily mean getting stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, frustration and anger. And what’s frustrating about that is that you know how important it is to be in an attitude of appreciation, but you sometimes just cannot seem to get there.

You no longer have to continue suffering. Debilitating negative emotions have enslaved you long enough!!! In this workshop, Colby assists you to sense and direct your energy field to IMMEDIATELY adjust your attitude, mood and perspective.

This is NOT the usual self-help claim of “change your thinking, change your life.” Instead, it is much more fundamental and much more powerful. By learning to shift your energetic field, you shift your thinking and mood with ease!

The tools are easy to learn and their impact can be life changing! The result: you can dance with grace in any circumstance.

Here is What’s covered:

• White Tornado of Light: Quiet down—and even silence—the negative voices in your head. Cleanse your field of unwanted multi-dimensional energies so you can raise your personal vibration anytime, anywhere.

• The One Point: Learn and experience the peace that can come from placing your attention in your body. Release trauma and enter into greater well being. You can do this one wherever you are!

• Soul’s String: Connect with your Soul by putting your attention on an energetic structure that connects you to your sole body. Experience the excitement of being consciously connected to your true essence.

• The Law of Domain: Invite the power of the Law of Domain into your energy field to clear your energy of unwanted thought forms. Multiple dimensions of the energy field are cleared and grounded!

• Discover your Auric Egg. In this exercise, the mysteries of sensing your aura are finally resolved. Create a cocoon of calmness around you and reap the benefits of an upgraded vibration. Added plus—this is a fun yet very practical way to recreate your aura so you can more easily claim your own space.

BONUS: Learn how to experience the wondrous place of Divine Stillness. You’ll find what it sometimes takes meditates years to get to by invoking the powerful tool of No Mind.

Feb. 26th Workshop $85 /$69.00 : REGISTER HERE

Love Yourself Into Love 

Feb 27 6:30pm-9:30pm 

Practice techniques to bring yourself into greater love with you.

How much you love yourself equates to health, prosperity and well being. Love is the doorway into transformation and healing. When you are in love, everything is better, sharper, juicier. Love makes everything better! But you don’t need to wait to fall in love with another to be in the Energy of Love.

In this workshop, you will be shown techniques you can use to bring yourself into greater love with yourself. You will actually feel the warm embrace of love. And the results are almost immediate!

Learn to access the energy of love in your everyday life and witness your outlook, mood and circumstances improve. Synchronicity becomes commonplace, and ease becomes you.

What’s covered:

• Receive Theta Healing downloads and become open to receiving more love. Unblock yourself from fears associated with receiving love.

• Learn to open and close your heart. Receive more love by learning to open your heart wider. Reduce moodiness, depression and anxiety. This is an Energetic Practice you can use any time to feel better

• Blocks to love can stem from poor or inattentive mothering. Call upon the Blessed Mother and receive mothering that can heal deep family wounds.

• Receive a Rose Healing enabling you to more easily receive love without fear. This is an especially effective tool to transform your mood.

Plus, get a Direct Energetic Activation, which can assist you to open yourself without fear to the Fabric of Life. Receive the love that you have not felt safe enough to receive. This one is a tidal wave! You can feel this one’s impact almost immediately! You will be glowing.

Feb.27th Workshop $85 /$69.00:  REGISTER HERE

Embody Your Soul
Feb 28 11am-6pm 
Gain practical skills to call and encourage yourself to embodiment. Reap the fantastic rewards of being here now.

Have you ever noticed that the truly inspired seem more “full” and at the same time are more spacious? These powerful beings are “embodied.” They are more present in the moment, more capable of manifesting powerfully. Why? Because the Now is the only place where true power and bliss reside.

But if you are living in the future, worried about what might happen or what should happen—or conversely, if you are reliving the past—then you are separated from your very power to create and experience life’s richness.

There are many reasons for losing the power of the Now. A trauma, whether recent or experienced a long time ago, might be holding you back. You might have a nagging sense of not being complete somehow, of even feeling like you are somehow a fraud or “not right.” Such feelings are common, and they short-circuit our ability to experience life, plus they damage our self-esteem and can wreak havoc on our health.

The good news is that we can stop that short-circuiting. In fact, many of us have beliefs that the body and this plane of existence are not safe strangling our ability to function as a Powerful Creators. You can enter back into your Power by gaining 5 practical energetic skills to call and encourage yourself to embodiment. Reap the fantastic rewards of being in the here and now.

What’s covered:

• Activation for Embodiment. Gain help staying in your body with the Activation for Embodiment. You’ll learn how to manage yourself more powerfully when you encounter stress or fear.

• The Chalk Tracing. Trace parts of you with chalk through the Multiverse and reclaim the parts of you that may have split off due to trauma. Gain the benefits of greater multidimensional connectivity. Direct Activation and Integration.

• Collecting your Marbles. Fill yourself with you by Collecting Your Marbles. If you have ever had the sense that you have given yourself away or lost yourself this practice can bring you more into wholeness. Get a Direct Activation and Healing.

• Planting yourself in the Earth. Upgrade your ability to receive Earth energies by planting yourself in the Earth. This practice allows you to feel the benefits of being grounded without feeling trapped or stuck.

• Closing Portals and Doors: Increase your psychic boundaries by closing and sealing portals and doorways to other realms that should never have been opened! Experience a Healing Activation and Integration.

• Calling yourself into the body: When we reject aspects of our bodies that we don’t like, we can unfortunately make room for other’s energies in our own energy system. Clear other’s energies out of your body as well as their negativity! Claim your own space. Powerful clearing!

• Improving your grounding by planting yourself: Engage the power of this planet to assist you to feel at home here and now. Receive Earth energies and activations.

• Get familiarized with the Earth “bowl” or “plate.” Some of us just don’t ever feel very grounded. But that can change. Incorporate an energetic structure into your field to increase your ability to ground with ease. Complete Activation and Integration!

Sat. Only Workshop $205 /$185 : REGISTER HERE

Sat. and Sun. Combo Workshop $330  : COMBO REGISTER HERE

Align with the Divine
March 1 11am-6pm 

Sync up wih the Order of Everything and reap the benifits of purpose

We all have a purpose in this life. It is our birthright! When you live in the Energy of Alignement, it is clear what is yours to do. Purpose creates balance, harmony and joy. When you live in this energy you feel directed, motivated and synchronicity is commonplace. Life is filled with wonder and awe.

Trauma, major or minor, can block your sense of a secure self with thick patterns of energy. Unresolved trauma can result in: limiting ideas of who you are, a tendency to gravitate toward addictive habits, and adoption of unhealthy coping strategies. This may be the cause of you to being less than full of your essential nature and may be blocking you from receiving and acting on your True Calling.

You’ll sync with the Everything and surrender attachments to suffering. You will release unproductive habits stored in our field as coping strategies and rework triggers that can cause you to loose focus on what you are here to do. You’ll make room for Divine Co-creation. Experience yourself moving more directly into doing what is yours to do. Welcome back to Alignement

What’s covered:

• Surrender what has been holding you hostage! Those “must haves” to happiness cause suffering. Release “needy” energy. We can exert tremendous energy in false directions. Rid yourself of resentments and experience remarkable uplift and empowerment.

• Release unhelpful shielding. Some of us have experienced shock, trauma and horrible events. As a result, you may have built up a psychic armor in hopes of protecting yourself, but that armor can actually be harmful because it can prevent you from receiving from the Universe. Make room for the powerful Energy of Purpose to take its place. Get a Direct Activation and Healing.

• Invite yours Soul’s Eye into the body and upgrade your connection to your Soul. Refine and deepen your connection to your Soul by inviting your Soul’s Eye to burn away what is in your body that is out of alignment with the Energy of Purpose.

• Restore your field to its natural, ecstatic state. Experiential Healing.

• Invite the Energy of Alignment into your life so you can take your place in the Universe and do what is yours to do. Activation and Integration.

Sat. Only Workshop $205 /$185:     REGISTER HERE

Sat. and Sun. Combo Workshop $330 : COMBO REGISTER HERE

For more information, please contact us.


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