Thank you all for allowing me to participate in your health and healing journeys for I feel blessed and honored in doing this work.

Dear Madhavi,
 The healing session was so much more than I ever Expected!
 Thank you for sharing your beautiful healing and intuitive gifts
 with me.  I was so impressed with the follow-up phone call.
 You have given me the tools to move forward and I am forever
 grateful!  You are very professional, yet so loving and kind at
 the same time.  To those reading this, I highly recommend
                                                               East Coast, USA
It is an absolute pleasure to know you.  After becoming aware of some discomfort in my upper abdomen,
I requested a distant healing session from you.  The night of your work, you had sensed some emotional blockages.
I was awakened in the middle of the night and had
a “sense” of an energetic  release in that area and was flooded with old memories.  I also had some other visuals that were very Illuminating.  I am grateful for the illumination and the relief.
Northern Calif.
I received a distant healing session while sleeping due to the time difference, but could feel the loving energies flowing through my body even in my sleep.
It felt as if each and every cell were being rejuvenated.
It was a delicate yet powerful experience!
When I woke up in the morning, I felt so happy and energetic!  Thank you Madhavi for the wonderful healing session and love you sent me!
                            -T. Hirata from Japan                                                            
Having chronic shoulder pain for a number of years, I had requested Madhavi to work on me.  Being a physician, I wanted to try this type of energetic work, but still had my skeptical cap on as to the outcome.  The next morning, to my surprise, I felt relief from my shoulder pain, in addition to having more energy and a sense of “lightness.”  Thank you for introducing me to your work and healing sessions.
                                    -a former skeptical M.D.
                                                  Gulf Coast
This morning I woke up feeling better (both emotionally and physically) than I have in a very very long time.  I feel more grounded than ever before and I have more stamina today.  I feel spirit surging through my body.  Your healings are so powerful.  Thank you for the unconditional love and commitment you bring to each session.  You are a conduit of love.
                                                -spiritual seeker
                                                 Spring Hill, Florida