About Me

 The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.              


I was born in India and came to the United States at the age of four.  Growing up, I really had one foot in both cultures and it was important for me to take the best of both worlds and make it my own.

I also come from a family with a strong medical background.  Therefore, it was quite natural to have interests in science and medicine from a young age.  This would eventually lead to schooling in the Medical Field.

During these years, many hours were spent learning what to do when one gets sick.  As I was progressing in my education, however, I started to notice my interests were shifting.  I was becoming more and more interested in why we became sick in the first place.  Why did two patients with similar genetic makeup, similar lifestyles, same diagnosis, and similar treatment plans have such varying outcomes?  What role did our emotions and belief systems play in our healing outcome?  This would lead to the next two decades of learning and studying more about our mind-body connections, and for me to dwell into the world of metaphysics.  Although I was fascinated by my learnings, I wasn’t quite sure how I would apply this knowledge.

In the last decade, it has been a privilege to have been taught and guided by many teachers on how to incorporate ancient healing knowledge with modern healing techniques.  I have continued my training to include LifeForce Coaching, Advance Pranic Healings, Energetic Psychotherapy, and Certified Shamanic studies.  I currently conduct private energetic sessions at my Woodlands office in the Houston Area, as well as work with national and international clients in distant sessions thru skype. I also host workshops in the Houston area on Modern Energy Medicine and Shamanism.  It is an honor to work with clients and allow them to experience what is for their higher good and provide a space for their own healing to come forth.  I know this is my soul’s calling and am truly grateful to all those that allow me to participate and assist them in their healing journeys.

Madhavi Kata Chalasani</